WHAT a Weekend.... Busy Busy Busy!

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So Saturday was a very busy day. Andrew had Duty Friday night and got home about 9:30 am Saturday morning. We were all up and fed and the children had just being booted from the HUGE moon sand disaster they made in the dinning room. I was on the phone with mom and also working of a side dish for our Sunday picnic with Family. Once I got off the phone and finished the side dish and cleaned the kitchen a bit I was off to the shower. Melanie had dance at 11:45 so While I was getting ready Andrew fed the kids some lunch and even packed me a to-go lunch (which was very sweet of him). Sat. morning is not our regular dance day however, Melanie's dance class is combined with 2 other classes for the big recital coming up in May, so they were invited to join the other classes on several dates so as to be prepared for the big production. Dance was done at 12:30 and we were off to a birthday Party for one of Melanie's classmates. I enjoy going to the birthdays and chatting with the other parents and seeing the kids interact with the kids form their class is always fun. Andrew HATES these events and is happy to hold down the fort at home with the others. It is nice to spend time with just one or even just two of the girls from time to time. While we were gone Meghan and Andrew vegged out together and Kate got her nap in which is always a good thing. Melanie and I returned home at 3:30pm.

Saturday Night was a big night for Meghan. She had her first sleep over, this one was with her girl scout troop leader and was an organized event and I was sure she was in good hands and would have a ball. She wavered back and forth all week about whether or not she should go. She was nervous to be away from home and was sure she'd miss us. She was also extremely excited about the idea of being with all of her friends overnight. It was hard to watch her struggle to make the best choice. I waned her to go I want her to be comfortable and have fun with her friends, but I was also thinking she's so little its OK if she does not do this YET! In the end this was her decision to make. Saturday came and it was all excitement and she was ready to go by 10 am when she did not even need to be there until 4pm. As it turned out she did have a ball, and could not stop beaming all the way home about how much fun she had.

Andrew and I had also made plans to go out to dinner Saturday night just the two of us. It had been a year since our last date night, so we thought it was about time for some one on one time with each other. A friend of mine had offered to watch the girls for me a couple months back and the time just never seemed to work out right until this weekend so we went for it. I have been wanting to go to Benihanna's for a while now, It is a Japanese restaurant with Hibachi tables, and I just LOVE the food. I was not disappointed this time and hope to go back again soon it was a delicious meal and a nice evening with my honey!

Today we met up with Andrew's two brothers, and their families (both brothers are also in the Navy and stationed here). The park we intended to go to was packed and no tables or grills were available so we ended up going to a different park after driving around a while trying to find a place. We got started an hour and a half late but were able to have fun and enjoy each other's company in the end and that is what matters. It is a blessing to have family near us, and I enjoy getting everyone together. While we were there Melanie ended up getting hurt while playing on the playground she hit her mouth on a metal set of binoculars and cut her gums pretty good. We got the bleeding under control pretty quick and the teeth are not loose BUT it looks bad. I am thinking I will call the dentist tomorrow and see if I can get her in to have it checked just to be sure there is no permanent damage.

Now we are home and relaxing before we start another BUSY week made even more crazy by adding in swim lessons!

New Hair Cut

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On Monday I went and got my hair cut. I was going for a slightly shorter version of what I already had. It is shorter alright! I do not hate it but I also do not Love it. Although it is really easy to do so that is a plus. Andrew says it looks good, but I really think he would never say it didn't look good, cause' he knows better!

I figure probably in a couple weeks it will be exactly what I wanted. Although each day I fix it myself I like it a bit more. which is good because there is kind of no turning back at this point!

I am also Moving back towards blond in the color already, It seems to get lighter all the time. I guess you can't hide your true colors too long.

Who knew it was so hard to keep secrets from your kids?

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So BIG news in the Olmsted house. We are once again Expecting, our new little addition is due Dec. 20th. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant, and Andrew and I could not be more thrilled.
We have not told the girls yet they will be thrilled when we do, But I am being cautious. We were pregnant this time last year and told the girls right away, they were so very excited to have a new baby on the way. I was due Dec. 6th last year. We were devastated when at 10 weeks we found out the baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks and had no heart beat. Having already had three healthy babies with no complications I was really shocked that this had happen. Telling Meghan and Melanie that the baby was not coming after all was truly the hardest thing I have ever had to do. We told them then that maybe we would have a baby next year. They have been asking since January when we would have a baby, and I just could not bare to break there hearts again. We have an appointment for an ultra sound on May 19th and I will be 9 weeks at that point. We plan on telling them after we see the heart beat.
To get back to the title, It is really hard with them not knowing. They are always around and even though I have told people, I can not talk about it because they are there and Melanie is the worst for listening in on adult conversations she does not miss a thing.
I figure I can post on here my thoughts and concerns and excitement and at least give myself the illusion that I am talking about this huge event in my life right now that I am having to keep secret for another month.

A "meme"..... Why? Because I am not doing anything productive right now ... why NOT!

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A questionnaire... about ME!

1. My uncle once : Once Promised to take me to a Broadway show, but never actually got around to taking me.

2. Never in my life : Have I took a single puff of a cigarette

3. When I was seventeen : I was young and in Love and Naive about so much!

4. High School was : Good Most of the time.

5. I will never forget : The first time My husband said "I love you", & Seeing each of my babies for the first time.

6. I once met : A man who changed the way I saw my future... So I married him!

7. There’s this girl I know who : Used to be one of my best friends, We had a huge falling out and only years later did I come to realize I have her to thank for the wonderful life I have now.

8. Once, at a bar : Hmmm.... I do not have a bar memory that stands out.

9. By noon, I’m usually : Home from my second of three trips to the school that I make ever day!

11. If only I had : Money Lots and LOTS of money! I could pay everything off, buy a house and have NO worries!

12. Next time I go to gym/church : gym... LOL I am too self conscious to go to gym, Church.... I'd like to find a church I feel comfortable at, here!

13. Susan Boyle : Is a very humble lady who was given an amazing gift of a singing voice and a nice dose of self confidence to go with it
14. What worries me most : The impending separation from my husband, and the unknown of so many things that could happen in the next months.

15. When I turn my head left, I see : The fish Tank.

16. When I turn my head right, I see : The couch.

17. You know I’m lying when : I don't know I am not a very good Liar so I try not to.

18. What I miss most about the eighties :The innocence of child hood.

19. If I was a character in Shakespeare, I’d be : a star crossed lover... LOL

20. By this time next year : Hmmm..... I hope that we will be looking to move back east.

21. A better name for me would be : I can not think of a better name BUT I would like to add a y to t he one I have and remove the space so... JayneAnn

22. I have a hard time understanding : Katelynn when she sings her little made up songs.

23. If I ever go back to school, I’ll : be a nurse!

24. You know I like you if : I invite you to my home.

25. If I ever won an award, the first person I’d thank would be : Andrew, and My Mom and Dad.

26. When I compare 80’s rock to 90’s rock : Um.... I can say I could tell you which was which.

27. Take my advice, never : Ignore your instinct!

28. My ideal breakfast is : A raisin Bagel with cream cheese, and a cup of hot tea.

29. A song I love, but do not own is : There are so Many I can not pin point one.... Um ... Not sure nothing jumps out.

30. If you visit my hometown, I suggest : Meaning where I currently live.... I would say Let's hit the Beach You must put your feet in the pacific ocean.

31. My favorite Beatle is : Yeah I do not have a favorite Beatle ... I'd be lucky to be able to name them!

32. Why won’t people : Mind their own business.

33. If you spend the night at my house : I'd be thrilled I love to have visitors.

34. I’d stop my wedding for : I do not really get this one... I guess I would have stopped my wedding for a medical emergencies or if one of the kids had gotten hurt.

35. The world could do without : Whew.... Drugs.... War..... Guns

36. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than : than eat it.... LOL

37. My favorite blonde is : Phoebe Buffey! If she was a true blonde which I am not sure of!

38: Paper clips are more useful than : Tape??

39. If I do anything well, it’s : you are asking the wrong person... I am very critical of me! I guess keep my word.

40. And by the way : It is time for bed!

Spring into Nights

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Yesterday my girls and I went to Sea world. Right now they are having special night time shows and staying open until 9 pm. The girls LOVE to go to sea world and having a passport (membership card) has been the best money we have ever spent. They never tire of it, and being able to go back whenever we want makes it nice to not have to try to get everything into one visit. Plus they have a lot of special events at holiday times and at different times a year so it is not always the same.

The plan was to eat lunch at home and dinner at sea world. So we left the house about 2pm. The night time stuff is all after 6pm so this gave us some time to mill around and eat dinner before the shows. Ironically 50,000 other people had this same great idea apparently and we had to park in the farthest possible lot, despite trying to get preferred parking with our membership card (apparently that only works when it is not already full). It took us 20 minutes easy to walk from the parking spot to the park.

It was a nice warm day and the girls Love to play in the water play area at the bay of play so we took their bathing suits and spent the first 2 hours playing there. They had money from Easter so they got to spend it which they Love because usually they are told "we are not BUYING ANYTHING!" If it were up to them we would own one of everything the park sells. Next it was off to dinner at our favorite place, the calypso bay smokehouse. They have yummy BBQ chicken and ribs and corn on the cob and dinner rolls and fresh strawberries... we just love it they have something for each of us and everyone gets a full belly which is great. I hate spending money on dinner that the kids refuse to eat.

Next we hit the Sea Lion and Otter show which is always very funny. From there we grabbed a few snacks changed into warmer clothes for the cool night and headed to the Dolphin show. This too was different than usual and had some cool pyrotechnic parts. After the dolphin show we and 10, 000 of our closest friends ran across the park to make the Shamu show in time. I threw Kate in the stroller and told Meghan and Melanie to grab onto my coat so I could feel they were with me and OFF we went! Whew we made it.... and found seats near the top which was OK. After Shamu Rock's there were fireworks and out seats were awesome for the fireworks.

Forty Five minutes later we got to the car and headed home. Katelynn was exhausted having missed her nap. She was mad that I did not want to listen to them watch a movie and instead put on music, BUT as soon as she stopped arguing with me she was asleep. It was a very nice day. The Girls said "This is the best day ever MOM". Funny they have one of those every couple of weeks or so and never seem to remember the last one!


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As luck would have it Andrew has Duty Today Easter Sunday. He was Deployed last year. We really have some great luck with his schedule it seems like he end up working on all the wrong days. So we make the best of the days we do have.

The Girls after the Egg Hunt

I decided we would do our Egg hunt on Saturday and have Easter dinner Sat. Night. Unfortunately Our family who is here had already made other plans so it was just us, and it was OK we had a NICE dinner and enjoyed time together.


This morning the Easter Bunny had come and hid Baskets for each of the girls. They were very excited and enjoyed way to much candy way to early in the morning. Luckily they did not get a TON of candy so in a few days it will be gone and we can return to normal!

The Girls with their Baskets

An after noon Outing to "THE HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE"

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Andrew got home from work early and Kate was down for a nap so I took Meghan and Melanie to see Hannah Montana at the movie theater. They were so very excited, I may be the Coolest mom ever at least for the rest of today.
Melanie sang her little Heart out to every single song, she even stood up and did the Ho Down Throw Down with the girl in the row in front of us. It was hilarious! She is such a drama queen If she does not end up in some type of preforming arts I will be shocked. She has always been a little singer, and with three years of Ballet under her belt she is getting to be quite the dancer as well. She is totally uninhibited and thrived on the attention of an audience. It is amazing to me. I do not know where she got the nerve I love to sing and am known to do a silly dance for my kids but would NEVER do either if I knew anyone was watching I would be mortified! After the Movie Melanie Dances ALL the way to the car. Meghan say with her hand on her fore-head "MOM... She is SUCH a DORK!". You see Meghan is her sister's polar opposite she too is an artist at heart and is a good singer, and is getting good at piano/keyboard but would never want anyone anywhere (even mom and dad) to see her. She is frequently caught putting on a show for her stuffed animals and immediately hides under the nearest pillow or blanket.
It was a nice afternoon out with my big girls.

What is in YOUR Purse

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I have seen this on a couple other Blogs and decided To show you MY purse.

It is a pretty boring Mommy Purse. I do not use a diaper bag and I am really not a fan of purses in general SO this one does double duty for me.

Here is the "bag":

And here is what is IN it:

The contents:
Kate's pants and Undies (incase of accident)
Pull up (in case of 2nd accident)
3 Tampons
Dramamine (Meg and Kate get car sick)
Cell Phone
Socks (recently took meg and mel Sneaker shopping)
Zoo Membership registration renewal

Miss Potty Princess

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Katelynn has been holding steady with the potty training. She did AMAZING while camping. I kept her in Pull ups because I was unable to do laundry daily if she had accidents. In the last week she has had 3 accidents that I can remember one was poo and 2 pee while dozing in the car. She has really shocked me after 3 days I was ready to quit we hit bottom on Wednesday of the first week and on Thursday night she started telling us and going on her own. She has been very consistent the last week. Words can not express how happy we are that we will NOT be buying diapers... at least not for a while!

Our Family Vacation

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We left home around 12:30pm on Monday April 30th and drove 3 .5 hours North East to Yucca Valley, CA. We quickly got to work setting up the tent and the Girls discovered an awesome bush that had a hollow center to play in and instantly had their club house! Andrew then got to work on a fire for dinner and I set up house in the tent. Soon our camp was ready and so was dinner. It was really COLD the first night and by 9:30 we had all snuggled into our beds with as many clothes on and as many blankets as we could find. It was a VERY cold sleep that night but the girls seemed to manage it all very well and slept through the night no problem. Mom and dad spent the night worrying about the little ones!

Tuesday morning we were off to the Joshua Tree National Forrest to see what it held for us. We stopped at the visitor center for a map and found out the girls could do some work and become Jr. Rangers(which the took very seriously) headed in. We were very surprised to see what all there was to do. Lots of rocks to climb, hikes to explore and dirty road that require a 4 wheel drive car to experience. First we stopped at quail crossing because the girls were ready to get out of the car and we had fun finding lizards and climbing the rocks. Then it was on to big rocks which turned out to have a very cool camp ground and Andrew drooled over that while making plans already for the NEXT trip. There was also more climbing fun to be had at Big rocks. Then we headed back to camp for dinner, only to find that it was VERY windy and we struggled to get dinner cooked we then decided to to have a picnic in the tent. Katie was also a bit scared of the wind. After dinner was cleaned up Andrew hooked up the lap top on a power inverter run off a spare car battery and we all snuggled up and watched a movie before bed. Another rough night of sleep ensued at least for mom (dad said he slept better) Kate fussed on and off as the tent was hitting her in the head when the wind blew it. But we made it threw and about 3 am the wind stopped and we slept well for a couple hours.

Wednesday we got up and moving early and went out to see what we could find in the Park. The girls spent the morning working on their Jr. Ranger paperwork so we stpped at the ranger station to hand that in first. We did some more rock exploration and tried to find the trail to Barker Damn which we never did but had fun anyway. Then we wanted to ride on the geology tour road which was one of the 4WD paths. The actual tour part was a bit tame and then we went off the trail on another road which was very fun and rocky and LONG! Andrew was thrilled I had fun and the girls were over it about half way through. Kate said "let's get off this broken road daddy". We ended up stopping for dinner at a KFC on the way home because the trail ended quite a ways from camp and it was already late. Back at camp it was an awesome night the wind was gone the air was cool but not cold and we enjoyed a great camp fire. We had friends at the site who liked the fire and came out to visit us and well kept us on our toes. They looked like a hamster with a long tail that had a puff of fur on the end. Come to find out they are "Kangaroo Rats". Damn things are to fast to photo though!

Thursday was back to the park for a couple of hikes (we finally found the Barker Damn Trail). We saw lots of cool dessert plants (cactus, wild flowers and trees). When we left camp that morning it was starting to get Windy, up in the park for most of the day it was fine but we were at a higher elevation. Then toward the evening it was windy there too. When we arrived back at camp we found our tent broken and the wind was unbelievably strong the whole tent was swaying side to side. Andrew spent at least an hour fixing and tightening up the tent and fixing the broken hooks with string. By this time it was 7 pm and we could not start a fire in the wind it was not safe let alone possible. So off to McDonalds we went. We also decided that if the wind did not die down by the time we got back we'd go to a hotel. We ended up back at camp to pack a bag and off to the Hotel.

Friday Morning we went back to camp amazingly the tent held. We spent 2 hours breaking everything down and packing up. By 11 am we were off to Bakersfield for a visit with My grandfather.