Needing a duplicate me....

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and NOT because I am SO awesome But because I wish I could do more than I am able too.
This past Friday morning dark and early (before the sun came up) The newest Olmsted decided to make her appearance after much waiting on her mother's part. My Sister -In-Law (Andrew's Brother's wife) Delivered her Daughter Delana Grace at 2:43 in the morning. I was the watch the big Sister person and I had a Friend who was willing to take my girls so I could be there for My niece Since My Brother-In-Law is deployed on the same ship as my Husband he could not be here for the birth.
I have spent the last 3 days running between My house and the hospital and taking care of 4 girls as best I can. While also Trying to do as much as I possibly can for my Sister-In -Law. I know If I were in her shoes it would be so HARD to have a baby without my husband and I would hope I had people around me who were able to step up and Help.
If I had a double it would be sooo much easier!!! I could do so much more. But alas I guess I can not do all that I would like to do....

Meghan is 8 ....

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Wow I can not believe My first lil baby girl is Eight years old. She is growing way to fast! Where did the time go. It seems like yesterday she was just toddling around getting into things and "helping" with everything.
Meghan Allyse has ALWAYS been a Daddy's girl from day one right out of the womb she had him wrapped around her finger and he was her everything. She was fine with me if daddy was not there But if he was she wanted him. When she got a little older she learned what daddy wore when he went to work and would cry whenever she saw him getting ready for work. She LOVES her daddy! As her Mother it was hard to take that my baby wanted her daddy more than me. However, watching the their relationship over the years has been wonderful, and as she gets a little older she is coming around to loving us a little more equally although I know she will always hold a special place for her daddy. It is hard on him to miss Birthdays, This is two in a row for Miss Meghan.
Meghan is our little Artist. She is Shy, and self conscious and loves to dance and sing But hates the idea of anyone watching her. She is not a spur of the moment girl she has to emotional prepare herself for any and ever kind of performance. If she has to speak in front of the class we have to rehearse for days so she know what she is doing and saying and can put away some of that performance anxiety. She loves to plan shows and events and let others perform them and shine she is happy to stand by knowing she planned it!
I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Meghan!
Happy BIRTHDAY Meghan! Mommy and Daddy Love you so much!

20 weeks! or half way

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Actually it is more than half way for me since i will most likely deliver this baby in my 38th week. I will be having a scheduled C-Section and therefore am typically scheduled 7-10 days before my due date. So here I am all big and Preggo!

Today We had the big ultrasound to check on baby's growth and hopefully find out the gender. We ended up not being so lucky in the gender department. The Lil' one was all curled up on it's tummy with it's little legs tucked under it's hinney! The tech tried and tried but no luck!

She did tell me that out little one is measuring right on for 20 weeks and weighs about 12 ounces right now. Incredible that this tiny person is less than a pound and wriggling and kicking and causing the above BIG belly! I'm smitten.... It is always amazing to see that life on the screen.
So here are the photo's we got!