Offically have a birthdate picked out!

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Today I went to see the OBGYN for our 29 week Check. All is going well. We listened to a strong Heart Beat in the 150's (had been in the 130's prior to today but there was a lot of activity today). Fun fact... I am measuring 35 weeks, looks like big baby #4 for the Olmsted family. We do not make dainty, frail lil' babies. Our babies come out chubby and thankfully very healthy. The Dr. said she was going to go ahead and order an ultrasound, and I would have another at 36 weeks. Delivery is set for 39 weeks, December 15th to be exact. We are the first case of the day so that is good news since the worst part of a c-section for me is the fact that I can not eat after midnight the night before. Momma gets cranky with no food!
My Mother will be happy to know that I got my flu Vaccine today! I will also be getting the H1N1 when it is available but they do not have it yet. I also am taking all three girls to get their vaccines on Friday and am praying with all my might that they can do the nose spray vaccine versus an actual injection But will bribe them with ice cream to get the injection done if needed.
We have a 4D ultrasound Scheduled for Oct. 15th so that The Daddy and The Sisters get to see our lil' one. With a little luck we'll also get a peak at "THE GOODS". This would be very helpful in the great baby name debate. My husband is not interested in discussing girl names when he is under the delusion we COULD have a boy. I think I have a pretty consistent track record going here.


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