Pregnancy Update 28 weeks

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..... 11 to go! I am Ok with that... I need those 11 weeks since I have not been able to prepare for this baby AT all she can just stay in there a while. We have about 9 weeks after my Andrew comes home to Bust our Butts and get ready for our fourth and final lil' one. Hopefully that is enough time to prepare!

So hear I am looking big and Prego....

I am doing pretty well at this point still comfortable and able to get around well. I am starting to experience some swelling in my hands and feet, but over all am doing well.

As for baby? what is going on in there......

To me it feels like a gymnastics tournament. LOTS of tumbling and thumping and bumping stretching and pushing. I can feel movement all the time If I just pause for a couple of seconds and sometimes without even thinking about it I can feel the movements. She is most active in the evening when I am relaxing after the big Sisters are in bed.

Our little work in progress is now about 2.5 pounds and almost 16 inches long. She's busy adding new skills such as blinking to an already impressive repertoire of tricks like coughing, sucking, hiccuping, and taking practice breaths. At this point the lungs are also nearly fully matured, so we can start to breathe a little easier that we are at the point in which this baby can survive outside the womb. (although mom needs those 11 weeks so do not even think about it lil' one!).

**** To all who have not noticed or participated I added a baby pool on the right side there-----> it would be fun if you'd add your guess!****

Remembering 911

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I know we ALL remember every second of that day as if it were yesterday. In some ways it is hard to believe it has been eight years.
Meghan was born on 8-13-01. Labor day weekend 2001 We moved our new family from upstate NY to Chesapeake VA. Andrew was to report to the USS Enterprise on Friday Sept. 14, 2001. The Enterprise was on deployment at that time and due to return within a few weeks of Andrews report date. This meant that he would work Shore side until the ship returned home.
On Tuesday September 11, 2001 I was the first awake at the house. I had gotten up with Meghan that morning went to the living room turned on The Today show. They were reporting that an airplane had flown into one of the Two tower of the world trade center. I went back to the bedroom told Andrew what happened and Just as I sat back down in the living room I watched the second plane hit the second tower and my heart dropped instantly. I knew this was NO coincidence. In tears I returned to the bedroom and Andrew joined me on the couch where we stayed in our pajamas holding our 4 week old baby for the entire day.

The Enterprise which had left the golf days before 9-11 was the closest aircraft carrier and battle group at that time, they were immediately turned around and were the first to respond flying missions over Afghanistan within days. Mean while my husband reported as he was scheduled to on Friday the 14th. On Monday September 17th, 2001 My husband was on a plane to join the Enterprise for an undetermined amount of time. At that point we did not know when he would return. He left on a military flight so although I was concerned for his safety I was more comfortable with a military flight than a domestic flight. Luckily the extension for the Enterprise ended up being on the shorter side and Andrew returned home in November.

Isn't it too EARLY for NESTING????

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Really I am only 25 weeks pregnant. I am Not going Crazy BUT I feel the need to get things ready fro the baby. Like resolve the sleeping arrangements as to where we will be putting all the children and what kind of bed we need to purchase. I would also Like to get out and organize ALL the baby stuff If we are having a girl I have almost everything BUT if we are having a boy I need almost everything. I do not want to sort and wash and fold tons of girlie things if I do not need to. We have the Crib and the high chair and I have a wish list a mile long but again can not BUY anything due to the fact that I do not know the gender (I do not know how people do that whole surprise bologna). This is our last baby and for all the others I bought stuff thinking Oh if the next one is a boy we should get this in Neutral so it can be used by either gender But NOW for my last baby... that is out the window... I want gender specific. If we are having a girl I want a girlie nursery If we are having a boy I want an ALL boy nursery. This is the last hurrah and I am having enough trouble accepting that fact so I should get my way... right?? In addition to the fact that I do not know the gender of this baby I do not have the Hubby here to dig everything out of the garage and put the crib together and HELP me prepare for our baby. So basically I am stuck looking at things Online and sending photo's to my hubby and trying to make decisions so that when things Fall into place hopefully in about a month we'll be able to Just make it happen!


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Well after all the excitement last weekend, and a wirlwind week. We are settling back into a routine. I am finally feeling Caught up on sleep. We are all enjoying visits with Delana, Madison and Stephanie, and are all around keeping busy. This past week FLEW by, which is great anything that can make time move faster is wonderful. We have about 40 days left of this deployment, until recently time had been dragging by. Finally thing sare picking up YAY! This coming week is looking pretty busy as well. I have a pre-natal check up, Melanie is getting her expander removed, I am hoping to volunteer at school one day, and Melanie is back into Ballet class so we have that on Thursday as well. But first we have to make it through a three day weekend in which My girls are begging for something fun to do, I am hoping the heat wave breaks and I find more energy and my house is begging for a little attention as well.