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It does not seem possible that our baby girl is 3 years old all ready. It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital waiting to go into surgery to have our little one. She was a good baby right from the start. She put up with a lot of "LOVE" from her big sisters in the beginning and rarely put up a fuss. She has since grown into an extremely social, very verbal, inquisitive, adventurous (naughty at times) little princess with a dash of sass to hold her own in a house full of girls!
We have been so very blessed with all of our girls. Katelynn is a mixed up combination of qualities from both of her sisters. We see Melanie's dramatic side, Meghan's Artsy side, Melanie's big eye's, Meghan's curls. She also has qualities all her own (sometimes scary for mom) She is a social butterfly, has never met a stranger and would befriend anyone of any age if they are willing to listen and talk with her!
Every day is an adventure with our youngest princess we will see where tomorrow takes us!


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I am a chronic over packer ... I always have been. I can come up with a laundry lists of what ifs in which I have to be prepared for. I'd love to blame it on being a mom and just trying to be prepared for the sake of my children. However..... I was an over packer long before I had children. There have been many occasions when I have gone on trips and never even worn half the clothing I brought. Honestly this was only an annoyance to my husband until We threw an airplane into the mix. When we drove everywhere we went we just added a car top carrier and were prepared BUT now... Oh now Continental has to charge me for every single bag we pack! SO now my hate to spend the money on stupid fees side is battling my need to be prepared for a winter storm in July side. This makes for fun Packing! SO what do I do..... avoid the problem, it will go away right?? Probably not, SO I gave myself a day Sunday to be exact. Sunday is packing day it will be done before I allow myself to go to bed tomorrow night which could get interesting! My goal is 2 bags... for 4 people we will see if I can do it.
****edit**** HA I DID IT!!! I also forgot to mention that we were packing to be on a month long trip! I am very proud to only have to pay for 2 bags!

Kinder Promotion

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My Melanie is headed to first grade! Today we went to the ceremony for Kinder promotion. It was very cute! Each room had their own time slot which was nice so both parents and kids did not have to sit through 100 kindergartners getting diploma's. They sang a little song and there was a slide show of the year. As happy as I am for her to be going to 1st grade and be in school for a full day I did get a bit teary. She has grown so very much!

12 weeks

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Hello Second Trimester!

I am feeling pretty good and starting to get snug in some of my pants, but have not gained any weight. I can feel the baby bubble in my tummy and it is getting uncomfortable to lay on my tummy. I am finding that I have a bit more energy, I am still hungry a lot but, and not having that yuck nauseous feeling any more. I am however not experiencing the heartburn again every night about the same time no matter what I eat Mr. Heartburn shows up about an hour before I usually go to bed.

So what is going on with baby?

~she is now about 2.5 inches long

~her hands are fully formed and she is growing fingernails

~her face looks unquestionably human: her eyes have moved from the sides to the front of her head, and her ears are right where they should be.

Meghan's new hair cut!

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On Thursday night after her Shower while I was dealing with a two year old temper-tantrum from Kate, Meghan decided her bangs were too long and TRIMMED them up herself! Oh words can not explain how upset I was with her! I know I know... All Kids do this, BUT this is MY kid and I am NOT OK with it! I also know that I did the same thing at one point But still this does not help my frustration! The kicker is that we have been reading a Junie B. Jones book where she cuts her hair and have been talking about how this in not a good idea, and she went and did it anyway! GRRRRR!!!

You can probably tell by the photo (which was taken the next day after mom had time to cool down), that she is not at all upset. She was sorry that I was upset But was in no was and still is not remorseful at all about the trim job, she thinks it looks better than before. I suppose that is good because she is the one who gets to walk around looking like this for the next few weeks!