I found her....

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My Kate that is... I had hopped the real Kate was still in there under all that 3 year old miserable-ness. Yesterday I found her.... In Hollywood (after a 2.5 hr car ride) non the less! We had planned a day trip to LA for Myself , Kate, Michaela and Alyana (who are visiting with us). Meghan and Melanie had school and were to go to a friends house after for a play date (I did not think they would enjoy LA much anyway). I feared what the day may bring for Kate. It could have been an utter disaster. I knew that there was not going to be a lot for her to do, mostly walking and looking and non of that really interests a 3year old. We had the stroller for her so she could walk or ride whatever she wanted. I had decided ahead of time that I would not force her to do anything if she was not cooperating, the big girls could go ahead and I'd stay with Kate.

SHE WAS AWESOME! we had an amazing day. It is not often I have her alone so it was nice to be able to talk with her and walk holding hands and watch her browse the stores. She found this little Tinkerbell purse in a store (probably the 5 th one we were in) it was the only thing she had asked for all day and it was only $3 so I let her buy it, gave her the money and let her go to the counter. She was thrilled the rest of the day with her little purse. It was funny almost like she had something in mind and was shopping for it. She looked at every store but only asked for this one thing all day.

We went to Madam Tussuad's Wax Museum. She walked around and was a bit afraid of the wax figures. It was comical at times how she's shy away. Until we saw Shrek! SHE WAS VERY EXCITED!!! He was huge and you would have though intimidating to a small child but she was thrilled! We all had a lot of fun in the Museum. There was a lot of glass stuff in the gift shop on the way out. I was nervous about her looking at things and kept telling her not to touch. So what happens??? I try on a pair of sun glasses (bat girl style) and upon placing them back in the wrack they fall and land in a glass and the glass shatters!!! Oh dear... worse yet the sales lady was standing right there.... OOPSY! The lady assured me it was no big deal as I fell over myself apologizing! We quickly High tailed it out of there after that!

On our way home we were stuck in the most horrid traffic! the 2.5 hour trip took 4.5 hours to get home. Again in the car she was an angel! singing and joking around Laughing and even making light of having to wait (what I am sure seemed like an eternity to her) to find a bathroom when she had to pee.

Words can not explain how happy I was to see my sweet little girl back again, even if it does not last at least I know she is still in there somewhere.


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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY HUSBAND! and also Thank you too him for putting up with Me all these years!!

I am absolutely the Luckiest Lady in the World! My husband is the most amazingly patient, loving, understanding devoted man I have ever met. I often wonder what I have done to deserve him.

He saved me from myself at a time when I did not even realize I needed to be rescued. He has spent the last 10 years making all my dreams come true! He is not only the love of my life but My best friend and Partner in LIFE!

The above is the day we were "married" July 29, 1999, By the Mayor of Saratoga Springs

And this is our wedding Day July 29th 2000... a Truely wonderful day!

In 10 years together we have Moved 5 times, lived in 3 different States, bought 2 brand new vehicles, Traveled across country, been seperated for 36+ months by deployments and underway. We have also been blessed with 3 beautiful Daughters, Crushed by loss of a baby at 10 weeks gestation, and are currently pregnant with our 4th and Final lil' one! We have yet to Buy a house, experience life outside the Military, go on a cruise together, or Live in one house in one state for more than 3 years. There is so very much more that we will do that I can not even fathom. With Andrew by my side anything is possible!

It has been an absolutely incredible, amazing, wonderful 10 years and I look forward to every day that is to come!



First Day of School

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Today Meghan and Melanie started school. Meghan is Now in the Third grade.... Honestly how in the world did that happen??? She will be eight years old in Two weeks. Her Teacher this year is Mrs. Rubio. The first day seemed to go well. She says that her teacher is Funny, which is a big selling point for her she learns really well when it is fun! Melanie has Mrs. Camberos this year for first grade. Let me tell you how happy I am that she is out of half day kindergarten!! WOO HOO!!! We walk to and from school and last year I felt like my entire day was spent trekking back and fourth to school. Mel did not say too much about school today just that it was good. She is excited about eating lunch there and her best friend from Kindergarten is in her class so all is good with the World. I actually got to meet Mrs. Camberos before school started today and thought she seemed very sweet. I am sure Melanie will have her wrapped around her little finger in no time. Melanie is your typical brown noser!! She is perfecting her role as the teachers pet quite nicely!

SO here are a couple of photos.....


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It seems like Kate has been increasingly more needy and demanding since Andrew left on deployment and this has been greatly compounded by Meghan and Melanie being out of school and us being on Vacation and our regular routine being totally disrupted. At this point she is spinning out of control and I do not know what to do to get her back.

I am failing her and that really tares me apart. I am her Mother and should be able to find someway to help her function under all the stresses of our life right now. I just do not know what to do. Lately she is totally defiant and will argue with me about everything and anything. She wants me and only me the majority of the time and is not willing to compromise no matter what.

I feel like I am just waiting.... waiting to be back at home maybe that will fix her.... Nope did not work... Now maybe once Meghan and Melanie are back in school we can get Kate back to normal.... we'll see. Unfortunately we are traveling again the beginning of August so Normal will not happen around here for quite some time!

A Coincidence?

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On our travels from Missouri to Ohio yesterday I was struck by what to me has to be more than mere coincidence. At approximately 10:30 am I was driving into Effigham, Illinois listening to my Ipod. On my play list I have about 220 songs, and I listen on shuffle so I do not go through a period of the same artist for several songs I like the mix. I have an interesting mix of music including a lot of country, some alternative, some 80's rock, (ahem) Hannah Montana, Mylie Cyrus, high school musical, and several Disney cartoon favorites. Also in this collection is the entire album of Alan Jackson's Hymns "precious memories". Honestly this is the only christian music I own, I love it, It reminds me of My Pappy Trigg who led singing in church nearly every Sunday he was able to attend for more than 10 years. When listening to most of these songs that I have sang at church so many times over the years I can hear pappy's voice clear as day. Takes me back.. You know?

SO anyway Yesterday as I was approaching effingham "standing on the promises" comes on the Ipod and pappy and I are singing awak he in my head me right out loud. As I gaze at the road ahead The HUGE White cross appears at the side of the road this is not the first time I have seen it, it has always been there But this time I approach it as I am belting out a church hymn on a Sunday morning when.... I should be in church. Just as I am at the Cross "standing on the promises" concludes and is immediately followed by "when we all get to heaven". It nearly took my breathe away. What are the chances out of 220 songs on shuffle I would hear two songs from the same album in a row let alone that those songs would both be hymns and be on in the brief couple of minutes that the cross at the side of the road in Effingham is in my view.

I got the following information and photo from http://www.crossusa.org/

"The Cross Foundation is dedicated to building both faith and family on an ecumenical basis. The Cross Foundation has completed a 198 foot Cross at the intersection of Interstates 57 & 70 in Effingham, Illinois. This site is intended to serve as a beacon of hope to the 50,000 travelers estimated to pass the site each day. In addition, the Cross Foundation will promote the values of faith and family through other activities at the Effingham site, as well as programs to be announced shortly."

16 Weeks

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... er 4 MONTHS that it!! YAY!!
SO we are officially 4 months into this pregnancy. Soon we or at least I will get to find out what gender our lil' one will be (not that I am expecting it to be anything other than a girl). I am a need to know these things kind of girl. I hate surprises and still can't sleep on Christmas just at the thought that someone bought ME a gift that I do not know what it is. This first 16-20 weeks of pregnancy is like Christmas eve every night... I really need this info so I can rest with the knowledge of the gender of our child. I know I will find something else to think about or worry about to keep me up at night, But it will not be dreams of boy or girl. I will post that information as soon as I know and have had a chance to share the news with my husband.

SO What is going on with baby now??

~The baby is around 17.5 cm in size and 160 g in weight.

~The baby can grasp with its hands, kick or even somersault by this time.

~The baby acquires reflex of suction and you can notice the baby stopping the swallowing action if a bitter solution is introduced into the amniotic fluid. The baby can even get hiccups in this stage.

~ The genitals are fully developed and a sonogram might be able to tell you the sex of the baby.

~The baby has developed reflexes like sucking, blinking and swallowing.

SO That is what is going on in the Womb these days!