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Kiersten Fern Olmsted was born on December 15th, 2009 at 9am. She weighed 9lbs 2 oz at birth.

We arrived at the Hospital at 6:15 am. I was changed into a gown and put on the monitors to get readings on baby's heart rate and see if I was contracting or not ( I was not). Baby looked good! My IV was placed and they started the saline solution. I talked with the anesthesiologist, the Surgeons, and before long it was time to hear to the OR! For the first time ever I was wheeled there on a bed.... With all my other girls I walked into the OR. We left Andrew in the hall, he would be called in after I was numbed. I moved to the operating table and got in position for my spinal. During this time the check blood pressure and other vitals before starting the spinal. They had a hard time getting an accurate read on my blood pressure. Apparently I am between cuff sizes. eventually they got that fixed and started the spinal. This time the spinal went pretty quick. I am always happy when it is done. Sitting there trying to hold still is nerve wracking every time! I immediately started feeling numb, and my legs were heavy as they lay me down and set up for surgery. It seemed like an eternity before Andrew was by my side but eventually he was there to hold my hand as we waited for our 4th daughter to be born.

At 9am on the dot Kiersten entered the world screaming..... the most amazing sound EVER! Tears instantly roll down my face as they call for Andrew to cut her cord. After several minutes Kiersten was brought to my head so I could see her. After a quick photo and a kiss she and Andrew went to my recovery room to wait for me.

I spent the next hour and twenty minutes on the table, getting my tubes tied and then being closed up. I could slowly feel more and more of the doctors touches and eventually pulling and pinching. They had to give me some local anesthetic to finish up.
While I was being closed up Andrew was able to spend time with our baby. After the initial weigh in they left him with her, he fed her some formula, and just held her. He also got to help give her her first Bath. This experience for him was way different than all the other girls where they were taken to the nursery and he stood by their side but did not get to touch or interact with them at all. He was very surprised and happy to have had that time with our newborn.

Eventually we were all back together in recovery. I got to hold Kiersten and nurse her. Phone calls were made to family. OUR Family was now complete!

She is amazing, her sisters adore her and love on her constantly. She nurses like a champ! we are off to a good start. She's slowly making progress getting her days and nights switched around. LIFE is GOOD!


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