Here goes Nothin!

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OK.... I had a baby 4 mo ago and FINALLY I have decided that I need to get my body under control. This is SO very hard for me, I am very anti-low fat anything, hate diet soda, and am not huge on veggies at all! Knowing myself if I just go cold turkey on everything bad and start exercising like mad I will peter out in no time.
Therefore I have a slow and steady approach. I am not looking for instant results, more life changing move toward better habits and a reasonable exercise routine. I gave up soda all together about 3 weeks ago and replaced it with a yummy add to water powder that is only 5 calories per serving. I am now working on cutting back on the LOVE OF MY LIFE..... Ice Cream! When it comes to ice cream I am weak weak weak! I can not bring it in the house or I eat it everyday until it is GONE! So I have been allowing myself to visit our favorite frozen yogurt place once a week. Next up... EAT MORE VEGGIES!
Last week I set out to wake up early every day for 30 minutes of exercise before the girls wake up. I actually managed it 3 days our of 5. It has become very clear that my Tuesdays are CRAZY and do not make it easy to fit in 30 minutes of exercise. This week my goal is to do 4 days, I am half way there!
I hope I can take control of my body and change myself for the better!