Saying goodbye.....

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NEVER gets easier..... I actually think it only gets tougher! Today My husband is leaving us again for the summer. Logically you'd think we'd be use to this especially having survived two 6 mo deployments in the last 2 years (it seems he leaves us every MAY). This goodbye was definitely the hardest for the girls, they cried hard when he put them to bed and told them he would be gone in the morning, I think this was harder than having to watch him walk on the ship and leave because you go to bed and life is normal you wake up and the rug has be yanked out from under you. Somewhat fortunately I suppose our life has been far from stable as far as a schedule for several months now (due to the S-H-I-P) SO it is not like we were all comfy with a regular routine that is now being thrust into chaos... we have been living in chaos for some time now!

On the up-side since he is gone for the summer We (the 4 girls and I) will be traveling on a 3 state multi home camping fun finding tattoo getting throw the schedule out the window 6 week long "vacation" starting June 8th!

I should go start Packing!


Kristy K said...

Thinking about you guys! If we can work it out, I'd love to drive down to Canton to see you for a bit. We'll just have to work out the where and when.


thanks for it. Cool! Koni
Penetrasyon Deneyi (CPT)

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