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Well after all the excitement last weekend, and a wirlwind week. We are settling back into a routine. I am finally feeling Caught up on sleep. We are all enjoying visits with Delana, Madison and Stephanie, and are all around keeping busy. This past week FLEW by, which is great anything that can make time move faster is wonderful. We have about 40 days left of this deployment, until recently time had been dragging by. Finally thing sare picking up YAY! This coming week is looking pretty busy as well. I have a pre-natal check up, Melanie is getting her expander removed, I am hoping to volunteer at school one day, and Melanie is back into Ballet class so we have that on Thursday as well. But first we have to make it through a three day weekend in which My girls are begging for something fun to do, I am hoping the heat wave breaks and I find more energy and my house is begging for a little attention as well.


~Stephanie~ said...

The time is going a lot faster now that Delana is here. We could get together a few mornings to walk or to enjoy a chai @ Starbucks and chat. That seems to help time go faster.... at least it did for me.