Isn't it too EARLY for NESTING????

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Really I am only 25 weeks pregnant. I am Not going Crazy BUT I feel the need to get things ready fro the baby. Like resolve the sleeping arrangements as to where we will be putting all the children and what kind of bed we need to purchase. I would also Like to get out and organize ALL the baby stuff If we are having a girl I have almost everything BUT if we are having a boy I need almost everything. I do not want to sort and wash and fold tons of girlie things if I do not need to. We have the Crib and the high chair and I have a wish list a mile long but again can not BUY anything due to the fact that I do not know the gender (I do not know how people do that whole surprise bologna). This is our last baby and for all the others I bought stuff thinking Oh if the next one is a boy we should get this in Neutral so it can be used by either gender But NOW for my last baby... that is out the window... I want gender specific. If we are having a girl I want a girlie nursery If we are having a boy I want an ALL boy nursery. This is the last hurrah and I am having enough trouble accepting that fact so I should get my way... right?? In addition to the fact that I do not know the gender of this baby I do not have the Hubby here to dig everything out of the garage and put the crib together and HELP me prepare for our baby. So basically I am stuck looking at things Online and sending photo's to my hubby and trying to make decisions so that when things Fall into place hopefully in about a month we'll be able to Just make it happen!


~Stephanie~ said...

I believe that is about the time I started "nesting," Paul was getting ready to leave and I had the urge to get stuff done. If you want to get started with something I could come over Monday and we could put the crib together. We are "navy wives" we ca figure out anything. I couls possilbe dig out a few totes too. Let me know if you want my help with anything.