All is well in the womb!

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Andrew and I went to our first OBGYN appointment today. I have been so nervous the last two days I can not even explain. After our Miscarriage last year we were a bit cautious finding out we were prego again. It is hard to get excited once you have faced the awful truth that things do not always work out the way you want.
As you can see by the photo on the right ALL is well. Our little gummy bear is growing and wriggling and her little heart is beating away! Words can not describe the relief I felt seeing that little heart flicker away on the screen. Tears rolled down my cheeks. It was the most beautiful site I have ever seen! Just what this momma needed to relax and enjoy her pregnancy!
They set My due date at Dec. 22nd. SO we'll be welcoming our new addition around the 15th I would say depending on when they can get me in for the c-section.


~Stephanie~ said...

YAY! So we will meet the other baby O around December 15th. Do they usually do scheduled c-sections on Mondays?

Jane Ann said...

they can be scheduled any day M-F. I had Meg on Monday Mel on Tuesday and Kate on Wednesday.... Hmmmm so maybe we should aim for a thursday! LOL But that would be 12 days early and they usually like to keep it at 7-10.

Kristy K said...

The baby looks great! Congratulations again!