Making Mischief

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Of one kind AND another!

That is Miss Kate..... She can not be trusted for a minute if she is out of sight you can pretty much guarantee she is into something she is not supposed to be in to. Yesterday was a prime example of Kate on a rampage, I would LOVE to know what is going on in her mind when she sets out.

We were out of the house ALL day. She had spend the Day with Aunt Kristy so that I could go on a field trip with Melanie. We returned home at 5pm and I cooked dinner, we ate at 5:30, about 6pm the girls all went up stairs and played nicely (or so I thought) I went up stairs at 6:45 to start bath time. When I get to the top of the steps I find a tube of toothpaste which is totally covered in the toothpaste that was once in side I knew at this point I was in for a clean up! I ask Meg and Mel where Kate is to which they reply "I donno". Mel says um...... There is tooth paste all over the table mom. OK so she knows there is tooth paste on the table BUT apparently did not see HOW it got there OR where the culprit went! I follow the toothpaste feet prints down the hall to find Kate standing on the toilet in the girls bathroom totally covered in tooth paste and painting the bathroom. So I throw her in the bath tub and walk to my bathroom to get cleaning supplies only to find a trail of opened tampons through my bedroom into the bathroom. Upon returning to the other bathroom I walk past meg and Mel's room and see that the entire lower level of the closet is on the floor.

ARGH!!!!! Really when did she have time to create this mess. an hour tops if she set right to work on her evil plan. Honestly this had to be planned My two year old plotted against me on this night! SHE WON!


themom said...

If memory serves me correctly - Carrie was the exact same way.