A gift of ONE MORE!

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Well as it turned out do to mechanical issues the ship did not leave yesterday! Yesterday I was exhausted, Katie takes a nap after Meghan gets home from school at about 2:30 so I decided to take one too. The Big girls are told not to go outside, not to answer the door or phone, and to play quiet things or watch a movie. Then know the drill! I usually take a phone into the bedroom with me But today I was so tired I forgot. I lay down at 2:45 and at 3:20 Andrew starts calling to tell me he can come home! The girls did not answer the phone, not even when they HEARD there dad on the machine and worse yet they did not come to tell me that he had called and he said right on the message that he was off the ship and could come home. Meghan told me when I woke that she heard daddy talking on the machine. NICE! He had called like 5 times over an hour and then went back on the ship. His last call was at 4:19 and I woke at 4:25. He then tried again at 5:15 and got a hold of me, so we went to get him for one more night together. It was good to have him home and at least for me the goodbye was much easier this morning. However I get to spend the day exhausted again! SO there will most likely be another nap today!