20 weeks! or half way

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Actually it is more than half way for me since i will most likely deliver this baby in my 38th week. I will be having a scheduled C-Section and therefore am typically scheduled 7-10 days before my due date. So here I am all big and Preggo!

Today We had the big ultrasound to check on baby's growth and hopefully find out the gender. We ended up not being so lucky in the gender department. The Lil' one was all curled up on it's tummy with it's little legs tucked under it's hinney! The tech tried and tried but no luck!

She did tell me that out little one is measuring right on for 20 weeks and weighs about 12 ounces right now. Incredible that this tiny person is less than a pound and wriggling and kicking and causing the above BIG belly! I'm smitten.... It is always amazing to see that life on the screen.
So here are the photo's we got!


~Stephanie~ said...

YAY for being more than half way! Before you know it you will be holding your little one... probably a little boy.