I found her....

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My Kate that is... I had hopped the real Kate was still in there under all that 3 year old miserable-ness. Yesterday I found her.... In Hollywood (after a 2.5 hr car ride) non the less! We had planned a day trip to LA for Myself , Kate, Michaela and Alyana (who are visiting with us). Meghan and Melanie had school and were to go to a friends house after for a play date (I did not think they would enjoy LA much anyway). I feared what the day may bring for Kate. It could have been an utter disaster. I knew that there was not going to be a lot for her to do, mostly walking and looking and non of that really interests a 3year old. We had the stroller for her so she could walk or ride whatever she wanted. I had decided ahead of time that I would not force her to do anything if she was not cooperating, the big girls could go ahead and I'd stay with Kate.

SHE WAS AWESOME! we had an amazing day. It is not often I have her alone so it was nice to be able to talk with her and walk holding hands and watch her browse the stores. She found this little Tinkerbell purse in a store (probably the 5 th one we were in) it was the only thing she had asked for all day and it was only $3 so I let her buy it, gave her the money and let her go to the counter. She was thrilled the rest of the day with her little purse. It was funny almost like she had something in mind and was shopping for it. She looked at every store but only asked for this one thing all day.

We went to Madam Tussuad's Wax Museum. She walked around and was a bit afraid of the wax figures. It was comical at times how she's shy away. Until we saw Shrek! SHE WAS VERY EXCITED!!! He was huge and you would have though intimidating to a small child but she was thrilled! We all had a lot of fun in the Museum. There was a lot of glass stuff in the gift shop on the way out. I was nervous about her looking at things and kept telling her not to touch. So what happens??? I try on a pair of sun glasses (bat girl style) and upon placing them back in the wrack they fall and land in a glass and the glass shatters!!! Oh dear... worse yet the sales lady was standing right there.... OOPSY! The lady assured me it was no big deal as I fell over myself apologizing! We quickly High tailed it out of there after that!

On our way home we were stuck in the most horrid traffic! the 2.5 hour trip took 4.5 hours to get home. Again in the car she was an angel! singing and joking around Laughing and even making light of having to wait (what I am sure seemed like an eternity to her) to find a bathroom when she had to pee.

Words can not explain how happy I was to see my sweet little girl back again, even if it does not last at least I know she is still in there somewhere.


themom said...

Kate having just one day for "me" time may work wonders. It may last longer than you expect then again maybe not. Maybe you can plan at least one day a week for time with just her. Glad all had a good time - even though the traffic sucked!

Jane Ann said...

Well miss Kate will be getting LOTS of one on one starting next thursday when we return from our trip to MI for a wedding. The big girls will be in school so it will me mom and Kate from 8-2 every day!

I am hoping that will be what she needs!