An after noon Outing to "THE HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE"

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Andrew got home from work early and Kate was down for a nap so I took Meghan and Melanie to see Hannah Montana at the movie theater. They were so very excited, I may be the Coolest mom ever at least for the rest of today.
Melanie sang her little Heart out to every single song, she even stood up and did the Ho Down Throw Down with the girl in the row in front of us. It was hilarious! She is such a drama queen If she does not end up in some type of preforming arts I will be shocked. She has always been a little singer, and with three years of Ballet under her belt she is getting to be quite the dancer as well. She is totally uninhibited and thrived on the attention of an audience. It is amazing to me. I do not know where she got the nerve I love to sing and am known to do a silly dance for my kids but would NEVER do either if I knew anyone was watching I would be mortified! After the Movie Melanie Dances ALL the way to the car. Meghan say with her hand on her fore-head "MOM... She is SUCH a DORK!". You see Meghan is her sister's polar opposite she too is an artist at heart and is a good singer, and is getting good at piano/keyboard but would never want anyone anywhere (even mom and dad) to see her. She is frequently caught putting on a show for her stuffed animals and immediately hides under the nearest pillow or blanket.
It was a nice afternoon out with my big girls.


Venti Nonfat Chai Latte said...

Was the theatre totally packed? It sounds like the girls had a good time, yourself included. Did you like the movie?

Jane Ann said...

Actually it was not... I was suprised. We did enjoy ourselves it was nice!

Kristy K said...

You are a cool mommy! I've struggled the last year about giving in to the Hannah Montana craze. Anna has one t-shirt, but that's it. But I finally relented and Anna is going to get a Hannah Montana doll in her Easter basket. I'll be the coolest mom tomorrow morning (or, the Easter bunny will be cool).