WHAT a Weekend.... Busy Busy Busy!

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So Saturday was a very busy day. Andrew had Duty Friday night and got home about 9:30 am Saturday morning. We were all up and fed and the children had just being booted from the HUGE moon sand disaster they made in the dinning room. I was on the phone with mom and also working of a side dish for our Sunday picnic with Family. Once I got off the phone and finished the side dish and cleaned the kitchen a bit I was off to the shower. Melanie had dance at 11:45 so While I was getting ready Andrew fed the kids some lunch and even packed me a to-go lunch (which was very sweet of him). Sat. morning is not our regular dance day however, Melanie's dance class is combined with 2 other classes for the big recital coming up in May, so they were invited to join the other classes on several dates so as to be prepared for the big production. Dance was done at 12:30 and we were off to a birthday Party for one of Melanie's classmates. I enjoy going to the birthdays and chatting with the other parents and seeing the kids interact with the kids form their class is always fun. Andrew HATES these events and is happy to hold down the fort at home with the others. It is nice to spend time with just one or even just two of the girls from time to time. While we were gone Meghan and Andrew vegged out together and Kate got her nap in which is always a good thing. Melanie and I returned home at 3:30pm.

Saturday Night was a big night for Meghan. She had her first sleep over, this one was with her girl scout troop leader and was an organized event and I was sure she was in good hands and would have a ball. She wavered back and forth all week about whether or not she should go. She was nervous to be away from home and was sure she'd miss us. She was also extremely excited about the idea of being with all of her friends overnight. It was hard to watch her struggle to make the best choice. I waned her to go I want her to be comfortable and have fun with her friends, but I was also thinking she's so little its OK if she does not do this YET! In the end this was her decision to make. Saturday came and it was all excitement and she was ready to go by 10 am when she did not even need to be there until 4pm. As it turned out she did have a ball, and could not stop beaming all the way home about how much fun she had.

Andrew and I had also made plans to go out to dinner Saturday night just the two of us. It had been a year since our last date night, so we thought it was about time for some one on one time with each other. A friend of mine had offered to watch the girls for me a couple months back and the time just never seemed to work out right until this weekend so we went for it. I have been wanting to go to Benihanna's for a while now, It is a Japanese restaurant with Hibachi tables, and I just LOVE the food. I was not disappointed this time and hope to go back again soon it was a delicious meal and a nice evening with my honey!

Today we met up with Andrew's two brothers, and their families (both brothers are also in the Navy and stationed here). The park we intended to go to was packed and no tables or grills were available so we ended up going to a different park after driving around a while trying to find a place. We got started an hour and a half late but were able to have fun and enjoy each other's company in the end and that is what matters. It is a blessing to have family near us, and I enjoy getting everyone together. While we were there Melanie ended up getting hurt while playing on the playground she hit her mouth on a metal set of binoculars and cut her gums pretty good. We got the bleeding under control pretty quick and the teeth are not loose BUT it looks bad. I am thinking I will call the dentist tomorrow and see if I can get her in to have it checked just to be sure there is no permanent damage.

Now we are home and relaxing before we start another BUSY week made even more crazy by adding in swim lessons!