Spring into Nights

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Yesterday my girls and I went to Sea world. Right now they are having special night time shows and staying open until 9 pm. The girls LOVE to go to sea world and having a passport (membership card) has been the best money we have ever spent. They never tire of it, and being able to go back whenever we want makes it nice to not have to try to get everything into one visit. Plus they have a lot of special events at holiday times and at different times a year so it is not always the same.

The plan was to eat lunch at home and dinner at sea world. So we left the house about 2pm. The night time stuff is all after 6pm so this gave us some time to mill around and eat dinner before the shows. Ironically 50,000 other people had this same great idea apparently and we had to park in the farthest possible lot, despite trying to get preferred parking with our membership card (apparently that only works when it is not already full). It took us 20 minutes easy to walk from the parking spot to the park.

It was a nice warm day and the girls Love to play in the water play area at the bay of play so we took their bathing suits and spent the first 2 hours playing there. They had money from Easter so they got to spend it which they Love because usually they are told "we are not BUYING ANYTHING!" If it were up to them we would own one of everything the park sells. Next it was off to dinner at our favorite place, the calypso bay smokehouse. They have yummy BBQ chicken and ribs and corn on the cob and dinner rolls and fresh strawberries... we just love it they have something for each of us and everyone gets a full belly which is great. I hate spending money on dinner that the kids refuse to eat.

Next we hit the Sea Lion and Otter show which is always very funny. From there we grabbed a few snacks changed into warmer clothes for the cool night and headed to the Dolphin show. This too was different than usual and had some cool pyrotechnic parts. After the dolphin show we and 10, 000 of our closest friends ran across the park to make the Shamu show in time. I threw Kate in the stroller and told Meghan and Melanie to grab onto my coat so I could feel they were with me and OFF we went! Whew we made it.... and found seats near the top which was OK. After Shamu Rock's there were fireworks and out seats were awesome for the fireworks.

Forty Five minutes later we got to the car and headed home. Katelynn was exhausted having missed her nap. She was mad that I did not want to listen to them watch a movie and instead put on music, BUT as soon as she stopped arguing with me she was asleep. It was a very nice day. The Girls said "This is the best day ever MOM". Funny they have one of those every couple of weeks or so and never seem to remember the last one!