Who knew it was so hard to keep secrets from your kids?

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So BIG news in the Olmsted house. We are once again Expecting, our new little addition is due Dec. 20th. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant, and Andrew and I could not be more thrilled.
We have not told the girls yet they will be thrilled when we do, But I am being cautious. We were pregnant this time last year and told the girls right away, they were so very excited to have a new baby on the way. I was due Dec. 6th last year. We were devastated when at 10 weeks we found out the baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks and had no heart beat. Having already had three healthy babies with no complications I was really shocked that this had happen. Telling Meghan and Melanie that the baby was not coming after all was truly the hardest thing I have ever had to do. We told them then that maybe we would have a baby next year. They have been asking since January when we would have a baby, and I just could not bare to break there hearts again. We have an appointment for an ultra sound on May 19th and I will be 9 weeks at that point. We plan on telling them after we see the heart beat.
To get back to the title, It is really hard with them not knowing. They are always around and even though I have told people, I can not talk about it because they are there and Melanie is the worst for listening in on adult conversations she does not miss a thing.
I figure I can post on here my thoughts and concerns and excitement and at least give myself the illusion that I am talking about this huge event in my life right now that I am having to keep secret for another month.


Kristy K said...

Aw!!! Congratulations Jane! I'll be saying a prayer for you! I can't imagine keeping it a secret from the girls... as you know, Anna thinks I am pregnant all the time :).

Do you find out the sex or are you one of those who wait til the baby is born? I wonder if it will be a girl?

Congrats again! No wonder you've been feeling so tired lately. Now you have an excuse to slack off on the elliptical! :)

Jane Ann said...

Thanks Kristy... I will definately be finding out what it is... athough I am just assuming girl since That seems to be what we are good at, I would honestly be shocked if it we a boy and Might not know what to do with one... LOL!

themom said...

Congratulations. I'm sure your mom can give you the "boy" advice if necessary. Just DUCK when they pee!!

slyght said...

congrats, that's awesome!