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It does not seem possible that our baby girl is 3 years old all ready. It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital waiting to go into surgery to have our little one. She was a good baby right from the start. She put up with a lot of "LOVE" from her big sisters in the beginning and rarely put up a fuss. She has since grown into an extremely social, very verbal, inquisitive, adventurous (naughty at times) little princess with a dash of sass to hold her own in a house full of girls!
We have been so very blessed with all of our girls. Katelynn is a mixed up combination of qualities from both of her sisters. We see Melanie's dramatic side, Meghan's Artsy side, Melanie's big eye's, Meghan's curls. She also has qualities all her own (sometimes scary for mom) She is a social butterfly, has never met a stranger and would befriend anyone of any age if they are willing to listen and talk with her!
Every day is an adventure with our youngest princess we will see where tomorrow takes us!


slyght said...

happy birthday to katelynn. hope you are having fun back home. the pics say you are.