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I am a chronic over packer ... I always have been. I can come up with a laundry lists of what ifs in which I have to be prepared for. I'd love to blame it on being a mom and just trying to be prepared for the sake of my children. However..... I was an over packer long before I had children. There have been many occasions when I have gone on trips and never even worn half the clothing I brought. Honestly this was only an annoyance to my husband until We threw an airplane into the mix. When we drove everywhere we went we just added a car top carrier and were prepared BUT now... Oh now Continental has to charge me for every single bag we pack! SO now my hate to spend the money on stupid fees side is battling my need to be prepared for a winter storm in July side. This makes for fun Packing! SO what do I do..... avoid the problem, it will go away right?? Probably not, SO I gave myself a day Sunday to be exact. Sunday is packing day it will be done before I allow myself to go to bed tomorrow night which could get interesting! My goal is 2 bags... for 4 people we will see if I can do it.
****edit**** HA I DID IT!!! I also forgot to mention that we were packing to be on a month long trip! I am very proud to only have to pay for 2 bags!