Meghan's new hair cut!

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On Thursday night after her Shower while I was dealing with a two year old temper-tantrum from Kate, Meghan decided her bangs were too long and TRIMMED them up herself! Oh words can not explain how upset I was with her! I know I know... All Kids do this, BUT this is MY kid and I am NOT OK with it! I also know that I did the same thing at one point But still this does not help my frustration! The kicker is that we have been reading a Junie B. Jones book where she cuts her hair and have been talking about how this in not a good idea, and she went and did it anyway! GRRRRR!!!

You can probably tell by the photo (which was taken the next day after mom had time to cool down), that she is not at all upset. She was sorry that I was upset But was in no was and still is not remorseful at all about the trim job, she thinks it looks better than before. I suppose that is good because she is the one who gets to walk around looking like this for the next few weeks!



slyght said...

that short bang things i popular. look at abby from NCIS.

she could look like that... in a week or two

themom said...

You stated it well...almost all kids do this at one time or another. That shock of hair right in the front, is the easiest for them to see, so whack it off. It will grow, and you are so much more pained than she. Add to the memory book.