A Coincidence?

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On our travels from Missouri to Ohio yesterday I was struck by what to me has to be more than mere coincidence. At approximately 10:30 am I was driving into Effigham, Illinois listening to my Ipod. On my play list I have about 220 songs, and I listen on shuffle so I do not go through a period of the same artist for several songs I like the mix. I have an interesting mix of music including a lot of country, some alternative, some 80's rock, (ahem) Hannah Montana, Mylie Cyrus, high school musical, and several Disney cartoon favorites. Also in this collection is the entire album of Alan Jackson's Hymns "precious memories". Honestly this is the only christian music I own, I love it, It reminds me of My Pappy Trigg who led singing in church nearly every Sunday he was able to attend for more than 10 years. When listening to most of these songs that I have sang at church so many times over the years I can hear pappy's voice clear as day. Takes me back.. You know?

SO anyway Yesterday as I was approaching effingham "standing on the promises" comes on the Ipod and pappy and I are singing awak he in my head me right out loud. As I gaze at the road ahead The HUGE White cross appears at the side of the road this is not the first time I have seen it, it has always been there But this time I approach it as I am belting out a church hymn on a Sunday morning when.... I should be in church. Just as I am at the Cross "standing on the promises" concludes and is immediately followed by "when we all get to heaven". It nearly took my breathe away. What are the chances out of 220 songs on shuffle I would hear two songs from the same album in a row let alone that those songs would both be hymns and be on in the brief couple of minutes that the cross at the side of the road in Effingham is in my view.

I got the following information and photo from http://www.crossusa.org/

"The Cross Foundation is dedicated to building both faith and family on an ecumenical basis. The Cross Foundation has completed a 198 foot Cross at the intersection of Interstates 57 & 70 in Effingham, Illinois. This site is intended to serve as a beacon of hope to the 50,000 travelers estimated to pass the site each day. In addition, the Cross Foundation will promote the values of faith and family through other activities at the Effingham site, as well as programs to be announced shortly."


~Stephanie~ said...

Maybe it's time to activly look for a church. Find a few that are your denomination and visit them. I think that if you pray to find the right church it will make the process easier. I have read this about four times and that will what keep thinking but I'm finally leaving you a comment. It's amazing the ways God communicates with us. I'm realizing that he will guide us but we have to be open to it.