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It seems like Kate has been increasingly more needy and demanding since Andrew left on deployment and this has been greatly compounded by Meghan and Melanie being out of school and us being on Vacation and our regular routine being totally disrupted. At this point she is spinning out of control and I do not know what to do to get her back.

I am failing her and that really tares me apart. I am her Mother and should be able to find someway to help her function under all the stresses of our life right now. I just do not know what to do. Lately she is totally defiant and will argue with me about everything and anything. She wants me and only me the majority of the time and is not willing to compromise no matter what.

I feel like I am just waiting.... waiting to be back at home maybe that will fix her.... Nope did not work... Now maybe once Meghan and Melanie are back in school we can get Kate back to normal.... we'll see. Unfortunately we are traveling again the beginning of August so Normal will not happen around here for quite some time!


Garry said...

Hang in there sweetheart, we are all behind you even if we're miles away. Mom and Dad sure love you and are proud of the job you do with those three, especially when you're carryin around a 4th. Things will get better and you rarely remember the difficult times.