First Day of School

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Today Meghan and Melanie started school. Meghan is Now in the Third grade.... Honestly how in the world did that happen??? She will be eight years old in Two weeks. Her Teacher this year is Mrs. Rubio. The first day seemed to go well. She says that her teacher is Funny, which is a big selling point for her she learns really well when it is fun! Melanie has Mrs. Camberos this year for first grade. Let me tell you how happy I am that she is out of half day kindergarten!! WOO HOO!!! We walk to and from school and last year I felt like my entire day was spent trekking back and fourth to school. Mel did not say too much about school today just that it was good. She is excited about eating lunch there and her best friend from Kindergarten is in her class so all is good with the World. I actually got to meet Mrs. Camberos before school started today and thought she seemed very sweet. I am sure Melanie will have her wrapped around her little finger in no time. Melanie is your typical brown noser!! She is perfecting her role as the teachers pet quite nicely!

SO here are a couple of photos.....