Family Night Fun!

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We have set aside Friday nights as family night for a few years now. Every Friday evening we are in the house with the kids either watching a movie or playing games. We typically leaned more toward the movie being that the girls well did not have the attention span for too many games. Until recently that is. Last night we enjoyed more than two hours of game playing fun with the big girls. Kate is not a staying up after bed time kind of girl. She pretty typically demands to be in bed no later than 8. Party of the glory of family night is getting to stay up late (and sleep in on Sat. morn... hee hee) we actually we playing games until ten o'clock last night and did not even realize how late it was. I LOVE to play games and am so very excited for the girls to be getting to a point that we can enjoy them together. Last nights Games were Apples to Apples Kids and Uno. These were Melanie's picks.