The Great Potty Training Challenge

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Oh where do I begin???
Katelynn is 2 years and 9 months old. and I have been trying to patiently wait for her to show SOME interest in using the potty basically since she turned 2. Being that I am not a very patient person this was a challenge in it's self it has been a long 9 months! She has been willing to go if you take her and we have even had a few lucky moments when she poo-ed! That being said If I do not take her she is just as happy to go in her diaper or all over herself in undies.
A little bit of background:
This is not my first child to potty train. She is MY third child third girl. In addition to that I have been a day care teacher and have potty trained dozens of other people's kids. I am NO rookie I know the tricks and the rewards and the ecouraging. I even know the "punishment" techniques. and non of these have any affect on my strong willed child.
I decided that since my big girls are on spring break this is a great time to focus on Kate using the potty. I have nothing that I have to do for at least 4 days NO distractions to complicate things this is a prime time to just buckle down and be a slave to the 2 year old who needs to get potty trained. So we started on Monday March 23rd, 2009 and three days in I am pretty sure I am not potty training the child I am training myself like pavlov's dog to grab her and run to the potty every time the buzzer goes off.
Here is what we are doing. When I wake up (I have not given up sleeping in over break a mom can only sacrafice so much and the children think waking at 6:30 no matter the day is a good thing) I take her to the potty and put on undies and a t-shirt NO pants for less laundry and thinking that that free feeling will help her hold it. If she goes a normal amount we set the timer for 45 minutes, just a little pee and the timer gets 30 minutes, No pee and the timer gets 15 minutes. She gets rewarded with 4 mini MM's when she pee's and a chocolate if she poo's!
In the last 3 days we have had three pee accidents and 1 poo accident. To the naked eye this may seem like a great start. HOWEVER.... she has not TOLD me not even once that she has to go. is she really learning anything? I guess only time will tell. I am not sure how long I can live with the buzzer going off ever 45 minutes but I am willing to try at least for a week. We leave to go camping Next monday and that will make the process a bit harder but I plan on taking the little potty with us.
If any of you mommies have any suggestions my ears are open!