A Family trip... LONG over due!

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On Monday Andrew and I are heading out with our girls on a camping adventure in the desert. We have not been camping since late summer 2007 due to moving and deployment and whatnot it just has not worked out. I had big plans of going to Yosemite and camping and experiencing that with the girls. Apparently you have to plan to visit Yosemite at least 6 months in advance. Which is not going to happen I do not even know if my husband will be in the US in 6 months let alone be able to take time off when my kids do not have school and I can find some to cover babysitting my nephew for me. So Yosemite will have to be a non camping adventure in the future.
Our destination is Yucca Valley California which is about 3 hours north east of us and near the Joshua tree National Forrest. We are hoping to do some hiking and off roading in addition to making s'mores.
I have loved camping since I was a child, although I never really knew real camping until I went with my husband's family roughly 5 years ago for the first time. I had been with Andrew camping but he apparently fed into my spoiled nature and we only went to places fully equipped with a shower house where I could not only get clean but use a hair dryer. He grew up with "rustic" camping, and um you are lucky if you have a toilet and a near by lake to wash in. We have made a few treks to Michigan to camp with family there and I have learned to enjoy the less glamorous aspects of camping.
We are hoping that we picked a nice area to camp, it is hard to pick a destination when you know nothing about the area. This could be quite an adventure. We know they do not have showers but do have what they call a comfort station with flushing toilets and a sink.
On Friday after we pack up camp we are driving 3 hours North west of Yucca Valley to Bakersfield to visit my Grand Father and his wife Cathie. We will return home one week from tomorrow and I will be sure to post the details of our adventure as well as any cool photo's we may get along the way.


themom said...

Camping to me is a weekend at the Holiday Inn with NO room service. I am spoiled and make no bones about that. Hope you all enjoy - you are young and can handle it much better. So glad you worked out the kinks in the comments area. I love the new layout design also.

Jane Ann said...

I told Andrew that for what we have spent on this camping trip we could have spent a nice weekend at disneyland in a HOTEL with a POOL! (disney land has a special military deal right now, but we just went there in dec.)