First Time

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I am totally new to Blogging.... Well to writing a blog anyway. I have read other people's blogs and always thought it to be a great idea, BUT I am NO writer I do not even Journal so bare with me this could be a bumpy road!

I mainly decided to start this as a means of recording the experiences and adventures of our Family for the Family we do not get to see as much as we'd like. I think will be a nice way for them to keep up on what we are doing. I can not say I will write daily but I will do My best to keep it current.

SO WHY Ordinary Miracles? Well It is a song by Sarah McLachlan from the movie Charlotte's Web. I just think it really sums up LIFE for me being full of Ordinary Miracle's every day! As a mom I experience little miracles every single day, and some days it is just a miracle we made it to bed time!

Here is the song...

These are MY miracles: