Updating and Procrastinating

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I thought I would jump on and update the potty progress. It seems that we may be turning the corner. We have stuck it out and for 6 days now lived life running to the potty every 45 minutes or so. She has twice told us she had to go and twice she just went and did it without telling us. Andrew and I and her sisters have all praised her and hugged and kissed and hooted and hollered and made a huge deal every time. This morning we got the big prize........ POO on the potty Oh yeah! You would have thought we won the lottery and she got a fudge cicle at 10 am and her sisters were jealous. She immediately wanted to call her grandma (my mom) but ahem... they were not home! I said oh Hun grandma is not home right now and she says OK can I call PatPat (my dad) I guess she does not get that they are at the same place. She was OK with we'll call and tell her later.
In addition to the news on the potty training I am on here procrastinating the tasks of the day. I have 3 loads of laundry to fold AND I have to pack for our trip. I HATE BOTH! I can wash laundry no problem just throw in a load here and there as I go about my day as they come out of the dryer I put them in a basket in my bedroom and avoid it like the plague Spending an hour folding laundry is not my idea of a good time. Yes I know if I just folded them when they came out of the dryer it would not take that long. My mother tells me this ALL the time I just can not bring myself to do it. As for Packing I do not know what the hang up is there I just do not like to do it I am a chronic over packer in that I want to prepare for every possible occurrence. Making those choices on what to bring and what to leave GRRR... I just do not like to do it! I think I will go do the dishes and exercise and then shower... then I will get to the dreaded tasks of the day. Oh yeah I have to call mom too..... I am good at procrastinating!